Easy-Laser® Geometric Measurement Systems

Our Geometric Laser Measurement systems range from basic geometric applications such as flatness of machine bases to more specific applications including extruder, linebore, turbine and roll alignment to more advanced applications including flange flatness, and perpendicularity/parallelism of wind mill towers flanges. Since all Easy-Laser® systems are included with every measurement program, all and any application measurement or alignment is possible. Meet any machine or mechanical construction measurement requirement by expanding your systems with different accessories (laser transmitters, detectors, brackets, etc.). There is a system here for you!

Easy-Laser® E910 Flange

The Easy-Laser® E910 Flange measures primarily flange flatness of windmill tower wings and hubs, flatness of tower bases, as well as parallelism of tower flanges (accessories required). 

Easy-Laser® E915 Flange Spin

The Easy-Laser® E915 Flange Spin system is designed to quickly and conveniently measure flange flatness using the very efficient D23 Spinning Laser transmitter.

Easy-Laser® E920 Geometric

The Easy-Laser® E920 Geometric system will measure straightness, flatness, level, square and plumb line quickly and with precision. The E920 is a versatile system that can tackle most types of geometric measurement with ease.

Easy-Laser® E930 Extruder

The Easy-Laser® E930 Extruder system is designed to measure straightness and direction of pointing, primarily on extruder tubes.

Easy-Laser® E940 Machine Tool

The Easy-Laser® E940 Machine Tool system is a new, complete system designed for measuring and aligning various types of machine tools.

Easy-Laser® E950 Bore

The Easy-Laser® E950 Bore systems are designed to measure straightness of bores and bearing journals. Typical machines measured and aligned would include diesel engines, compressors, gearboxes, stern tubes, and more.

Easy-Laser® E960 Turbine

The Easy-Laser® E960 Turbine systems are designed to measure straightness of diaphragms and bearing journals. Typical machines measured and aligned would include small and large steam and gas turbines.

Easy-Laser® E970/E975 Roll Parallelism

The Easy-Laser® E970 Parallelism system is designed for parallelism measurement of rolls and stands in numerous applications. The Easy-Laser® E975 Roll Alignment system is for quick and accurate roll alignment.

Easy-Laser® E980 Sawmill

The Easy-Laser® E980 Sawmill is a new laser based measurement and alignment system that helps sawmills to make optimal use of their machines.