Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™

Intrinsically Safe Shaft to Shaft Laser Alignment System

Easy-Laser® Extreme™ is one of the toughest and most robust measurement and alignment systems on the market, designed for work in potentially explosive environments. Easy-Laser Extreme is intrinsically safe and complies with the latest ATEX standards for work in such environments, and comes with an industry-best 4 year warranty!


  • 1 Display unit D336
  • 3 Cables with Push/Pull connectors, L=5m
  • 1 Extension cable with Push/Pull connectors, L=5m
  • 2 Measuring units (S: D335, M:D334)
  • 2 Shaft brackets and chains
  • 2 Extension chains
  • 8 Rods
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Measuring tape
  • 2 Sets of batteries for the display unit
  • 1 EasyLink™ Windows® program + PC cable and USB adapter
  • 1 Carrying case with shock-absorbing lining. (Drop tested).

* We offer Training for all Shaft alignment systems in our Machinery Installation & Maintenance Training program.

Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™ Programs

For operational instructions, please download the appropriated section of the manual for each program or function. If you are a visual learner click on the video and learn how to use the essential programs for this system.

Horizontal - For the alignment of horizontal machines by the 9-12-3 o’clock method.

Soft Foot - With this program you can check that the machine is properly resting on all feet and will show which foot should be corrected (if necessary).

Thermal Growth Compensation - Compensates for difference in thermal growth between machines. This is a sub-program in the machine train program.

Tolerance Check - Checks the offset and angle values towards a selected tolerance. Shows graphically when the alignment is within tolerance.

Measurement Value Filter - Advanced electronic filter function for accurate measurement results, even in bad measuring conditions like air turbulence and vibration.

EasyTurn™ - For the alignment of horizontal machines. Allows complete measurement with only 40° rotation of the shafts.

Cardan - Shows angular errors and adjustment value on cardan-shaft-coupled/centre-offset machines. (Requires accessory fixtures.)

Vertical - For measurement of vertical and flange-mounted machines.

Machine Train - For the alignment of between two and ten machines in line (nine couplings). The entire alignment can be followed live on the screen.

Reflock™ - Any pair of feet can be locked/set as a reference. Sub-function.

Offset and Angle - Shows centre offset and angular error between two shafts, for example. Also suitable for dynamic measurements.

Values - Shows live readings from the S- and M-unit. Can be used for shaft alignment, straightness measurement and dynamic measurement. Up to four detectors can be connected in series and be zeroed individually.

Straightness - For quick and easy straightness measurement with predefined measurement positions. For machine foundations, shafts, bearing journals, machine tools, etc. Can handle up to 150 measuring points with two zero points.

Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™ Specifications


EX classification EEx ib IIC T4, ATEX code II 2G
EX certificate number Nemko 06ATEX1051X, IECEx NEM 06.0002X
Warranty 48 months
Data transfer Windows® EasyLink™ program (included)
Measurement range Up to 20 m (shaft alignment)
Temperature range 0–40 °C
Relative humidity 10–95%
Max. displayed error ±1% +1 digit
Carrying case WxHxD: 490x350x200 mm (Drop tested)
Weight (complete system) 10 kg

Display unit

Type of display Dot matrix LCD
Display size 73x73 mm
Displayed resolution Changeable: 0.1; 0.01; 0.001 mm. 5; 0.5; 0.05 mils/thouŽ
Battery 4 Duracell Procell Alkaline Mn1400 LR14 1.5 V
Operating time 20 hours continuouslyum
Output port RS232 with USB adapter. For printer and PC communication
Keyboard Membrane keys with alphanumeric multifunction
Storage memory Space for 1,000 shaft alignment measurements
Settings For Measurement value filtering, Unit (mil/thou/mm) etc.
Protection IP66/IP67: Shockproof, Waterproof, Dustproof
Housing material Anodised aluminum/Chrome-plated aluminiumofn
Dimensions WxHxD: 177x180x43 mmyum
Weight 1,000 g

Shaft Brackets

Bracket V-bracket for chain, width 18 mm
Material Stainless steel (also chains) mm
Shaft diameter Ø 20–450 mm with standard chains
Weight 800 g


Material Stainless steel
Length 4x140 mm, 4x120 mm (extendable to 260 mm)mofn


Type With Push/Pull connectors
Length 3x2 m, 1x5 mCDy

Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™ Expandability

Expandability protects your investment for the future

Easy-Laser® is a safe investment. We are able to offer turnkey systems for specific measurements, but in truth Easy-Laser® can be expanded, combined and upgraded to suit any of your measurement needs, now or in the future. Who knows how your operations will develop or what your measurement needs will be? As an example of expandability, all our geometric measurement systems can be upgraded with equipment for shaft alignment. You can also, for example, add turbine equipment to the Linebore system, or BTA Digital for belt & chain alignment to systems D505 and D525, to name but a few.

What you can measure is always a combination of hardware and software. If you choose to start with system D450 or D505 (which have fewer measurement programs) you can later upgrade these with software that is found in our more advanced systems. The versatility of the Easy-Laser® systems make your investment cost effective. Quite simply an assured choice.

The Easy-Laser® systems can be expanded as necessary: Add (A) software, (B) extra brackets, (C) laser transmitters/detectors as well as (D) other accessories and specially adapted brackets to expand the areas of use. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                Easy-Laser Expandability

NOTE! The D-series and E-series detectors and display units can only be used within its own product series.

NOTE! The Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™ system is not expandable for work in potentially explosive environments with other laser transmitters, detectors etc. in the same way as our other measurement systems. This is because of the certification always required for ATEX/Ex systems. However, accessories are available in the form of brackets etc. that are not covered by the ATEX requirements.

Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™ Accessories


Battery Powered Thermal Printer

Part No.:

With cable and 220V or 110V charger. For connection to all systems with display unit D279. (Printer included as standard in systems D650 and D660.)


EasyLink™ Software

Part No.: 

Database and documentation software for Windows®. Included in all D-Series Shaft Alignment systems. 


Vibration Measurement

D283 Vibrometer Probe

Part No.: 12-0283

For measuring vibration levels (mm/s) and bearing condition (g-value). For systems with “Vibrometer” software in display unit D279. 

Notes: Standard “red cable” also needed to be able to connect to display unit. For use with D-series equipment only.

Shaft Alignment

Sliding Bracket

Part No.: 12-0039

The spherical feet can be placed in two different for adaptation to small or large shaft diameters. Used when the shaft cannot be rotated. Mounted with standard chains.


Thin Chain Bracket

Part No.: 12-0412

Used when the space between coupling and machine is limited. Width: 12 mm [0.5"].

Notes: Includes thin chains and ti ghtening tool.

Magnetic Bracket

Part No.: 12-0413

For axial mounting on flanges or shafts. With M6 screws working as radial supports, and four super magnets.


Cardan Bracket Set

Part No.: 12-0615

For alignment of flange/offset mounted machines.

Notes: Delivered in plasti c case. For E-series.

Magnet Base

Part No.: 12-0013

For direct attachment to shaft or flange. Versatile magnet base with On/Off function and many optional rod mounting possibilities. (Included in system D505/D525).

Notes: Three sides are magnetic.

Offset Bracket

Part No.: 

Allows axial displacement between measuring units to be able to rotate past projecting machine parts. (Included in system D505/525).


Belt & Chain Alignment

D160 BTA

Part No.: 12-0411

Used for aligning Belts & Chains (sheaves/pulleys). The Easy-Laser® D160 detector unit can be connected to our standard display unit D279*, which is included in shaft alignment systems D480, D505 and D525. The pulleys’ mutual parallelism is shown digitally with adjustment and shim values for the machine’s foot pair. This unit also allows you to save, print out and transfer the measurement results to a PC, in the same way as for normal shaft alignment. 

Notes: *Does not apply to system D450 or D550, which does not have the required software for belt & chain alignment.

Geometric Measurement

D22 Swivel Laser Transmitter

Part No.: 12-0022

Can be used to measure flatness, straightness, squareness and parallelism. The laser beam can sweep 360° (1) with a measurement distance of up to 40 m [130’] in radius. The laser beam can also be angled 90° to the sweep (2), within 0.01 mm/m [0.5 mils/thou].


D23 Spin Laser Transmitter

Part No.: 12-0168

With a power rotating head providing a 360° laser plane. Used together with detector D6. For quick and easy measurement of flatness and plane-parallelism. Measurement distance up to 20 metres in radius.

Notes: Tilt table included.

D75 Laser Transmitter

Part No.: 12-0075

For measuring straightness and spindle direction. M6 threads on ends and sides offer alternative mounting options. Measurement distance - 40 metres. Also available in versions with measurement distance of 60 metres (D75 Long-range).

Notes: With tilting screws for laser beam adjustment.

D75 Truebeam Laser Transmitter

Part No.: 

For measuring straightness and spindle direction. M6 threads on ends and sides offer alternative mounting options. Measurement distance: 80 metres.

Notes: Not standard product.

D146 Spindle Laser Transmitter

Part No.: 12-0146

For measuring spindle direction and straightness. Can be used in a rotating spindle (max. 2000rpm). The mounting pin can be fitted at either end, for  example, when aligning rod cartridges. Measurement distance: 20 metres.

Notes: An extra mounting pin can be fitted at the laser aperture side, making it possible to align, for example, bar feeders.

D5 Detector

Part No.: 12-0005

Reads off the position of the laser beam in two directions (2 axis PSD). Built-in 360° electric inclinometer. A number of mounting holes and threads make alternative attachment possible. Two alternative connectors for connection to display unit and other detectors (serial connection possible)


D6 Detector

Part No.: 12-0201

Reads off the position of the laser beam in one direction (1 axis PSD). A number of mounting holes and threads make alternative attachment possible. Two alternative connectors for connection to display unit and other detectors (serial connection possible). 

Notes: Only for use together with the D23 Spin Laser Transmitter.

D157 Detector

Part No.: 12-0157

Reads off the position of the laser beam in two directions (2 axis PSD). With 360° incliniometers. A number of mounting holes and threads make alternative attachment possible.

Notes: Two alternative connectors for connection to display unit and other detectors (serial connection possible). Diameter 40 mm, length 60 mm.

D116 Measuring Unit (M)

Part No.: 

Laser LED and detector in one housing. Reads off the position of the laser beam from another transmitter unit in two directions (2 axis PSD). With 360° incliniometers. A number of mounting holes and threads make alternative attachment possible.

Notes: Two alternative connectors for connection to display unit and other detectors (serial connection possible).

D46 Angular Prism

Part No.: 12-0046

Used when measuring squareness and parallelism. A penta-prism that deflects the beam 90° is integrated in an adjustable housing.

Notes: A. With the rotatable angular prism you can reach the detector at any height on a flange, or on a roll at any height. B. The beam is aligned with the detector using the sled.

Bracket for D75

Part No.: 12-0187

Used for mounting against shaft ends, flywheels etc. Laser beam can point from the bracket or through the bracket.

Notes: With three super magnets.

Magnet Base with Turnable Head

Part No.: 12-0045

Used together with detectors, measurement units and laser transmitters where the unit needs to be rotated on a fixed magnetic foot.

Notes: On/Off button, 360° turnable head with two rod mounting possibilities.

Sliding Bracket with Rotatable Head

Part No.: 12-0137

Available in different designs, with or without magnets, measurement probe and turnable head, depending on measurement application.



Part No.: 12-0269

Used for D22 Swivel Laser Transmitter and D46 Angular Prism. Height 500-2730 mm.


Parallelism Kit

Part No.: 12-0203

For parallelism measurement of rolls. Used with the D22, D46 and 2 tripods.

Notes: Detector E5 also needed.

Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™ Applications

Easy-Laser® D550 Extreme™

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