Easy-Laser® E720

All-In-One Shaft to Shaft Laser Alignment & Geometric Measurement

The all-in-one shaft to shaft laser alignment and geometric measurement combo system is here with the Easy-Laser® E720! With all the same features the E710 comes with inlcuding Bluetooth™ wireless operation, a color screen and crisp graphics, and our innovative Endurio™ Power Management System for infinite operating time, the E720 adds the D22 Laser Transmitter to the mix for a truly all-in-one measurment system! The Easy-Laser® E720 is the ideal system for the maintenance technician and millwright. It does not just give you all the functions for shaft alignment, it also gives the opportunity to check the machine base and for flatness and level.

Machine set-up most often starts with the foundation. If the foundation is level and flat you will have less problems with the rest of the installation and alignment of the machine. With Easy-Laser® E720 you not only get all the functions and features of the E710, for the alignment of the machine, but also possibilities to perform the following:

Measure the flatness of the foundation
Check plane parallelism for several surfaces on large machines
Measure flatness for a single machine foot support surface
Align the foundation level and plumb
Align pipes straight and square

The measuring units included with system E720 uses point laser and PSD technology. This is the reason it can be used in so many more places in your operations than just to align the shafts of rotating machinery.

All our measurement programs are included

Programs for Horizontal machines, Soft foot checks, Machine trains, Vertical/flange mounted and Cardan/offset mounted machines are included. Furthermore programs for Straightness, Flatness/Twist, Level and Parallelism measurement are included, to mention just a few. Using accessories you can also align sheaves/pulleys with digital precision and check vibration levels. No other system on the market can offer this flexibility! Large, clear colour screen, wireless measuring units, long operating life and robust design give a measurement system that is both reliable and easy to use.

Easy to use = fast and efficient

When we talk about simplicity we mean several things, for example, simple to place or mount the measurement equipment on the measurement object, easy to perform the measurement and easy to interpret the measurement result. With Easy-Laser® E720 you can measure all types of rotating machine, large and small, equally well, regardless of shaft diameter.

Wireless measuring units (laser/detector) enable you to work more freely. The measurement values can be registered with only 40° rotation of the shafts. You can then align it ”live” using the measuring units in any position around the shaft. The read off unit program is available in several different languages which facilitates use; English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Finnish and Swedish. The programs guide you step-by-step through the measuring procedure for the perfect measuring result.

E720 Brochure (English)



Easy-Laser® measurement and alignment systems are already extremely flexible in their standard form. By using clever accessories, you can adapt the systems for your own needs, now and in the future as your measurement requirements change. It is cost-effective. We have standardised measurements between the mounting holes in the different parts, and often there are mounting holes on several sides to facilitate mounting on the machine. Experience tells us that this is very much appreciated.  Easy-Laser® is a system that is complete in its full meaning! The E720 All-In-One system can expand into a system that can measure any type of application possible, as long you add the correct bracketing.



  • 1 D22 Laser Transmitter
  • 2 Measuring units (S and M)
  • 1 Display unit
  • 2 Bluetooth® units
  • 2 Cables (2 m)
  • 2 Shaft brackets with chains
  • 2 Extension chains
  • 1 Magnet base with turnable head
  • 1 Magnet base
  • 2 Offset brackets
  • 1 Magnetic bracket
  • 8 Rods (120 mm)
  • 4 Rods (60 mm)
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Quick reference manual
  • 1 Measuring tape (3 m)
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 Charger (100-240V AC)
  • 1 Tool box
  • 1 Shoulder strap for display unit
  • 1 Optical cleaning cloth
  • 1 CD with documentation
  • 1 Carrying case

* We offer Training for all Shaft alignment and Geometric systems in our Machinery Installation & Maintenance Training program.

Easy-Laser® E720

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