Easy-Laser® Wind Power Alignment and Measurement Systems

We offer a collection of laser alignment and measurement systems from shaft alignment to geometrical measurement systems for the wind power industry. Easy-Laser® can custom-adapt a shaft alignment to configure to any specificaitons required in your wind turbines. We also have the best technology for measuring flanges and bases of wind mill towers. Find the system below that best suits your needs.

Easy-Laser® E910 Flange

The Easy-Laser® E910 Flange measures primarily flange flatness of windmill tower wings and hubs, flatness of tower bases, as well as parallelism of tower flanges (accessories required). 

Easy-Laser® E915 Flange Spin

The Easy-Laser® E915 Flange Spin system is designed to quickly and conveniently measure flange flatness using the very efficient D23 Spinning Laser transmitter.

Easy-Laser® E710

The Easy-Laser® E710 is the next generation for shaft to shaft alignment systems using a Bluetooth™ wireless control unit, a color screen and crisp graphics, and an innovative Endurio™ Power Management System for infinite operating time!

Easy-Laser® E540

The Easy-Laser® E540 shaft to shaft alignment system with built-in Bluetooth™ wireless control units, a new Machine Train program along with 5.7" color screen and crisp graphics. The E540 is the new simple and efficient system, at an incredible price!

Easy-Laser® E420

The Easy-Laser® E420 sets a new standard for entry-level systems amongst the laser alignment industry. With compact measuring units featuring built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, large 5.7" colour display , and programs for horizontal and vertical shaft alignment - there is no other system on the market that can compete!

Easy-Laser® Vestas Shaft System

This shaft alignment system is designed specifically for Vestas wind turbines. It can be adapted to suit your specifications of wind turbine.